How many taxi are registered in Paris?

Paris is a city full of culture, history, with beautiful and unique places that you can only know if you dare to visit it and discover why it is called the city of light and love. The French capital has a population of around 2 million inhabitants, with many famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Avenue des Champs Elysees, the Sacré Coeur Basilic, the Arc de Triomphe among others, we can also find famous institutions of the world like the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. The cuisine offered is internationally recognized for the variety of ingredients used and its techniques with a very fine and elegant style, if you come to France you must visit some of its restaurants do not hesitate to try a glass of Parisian wine accompanied by cheeses and bread with an aperitif. Seine River divides the city in two areas and with its bridges they show an urban landscape that will always remain in the minds of its visitors.

The night in Paris is full of magic, the city offers a variety of places, restaurants, bars, and casinos that will make you enjoy your stay. When it comes to shopping, it offers you a diversity of products of the highest quality and glamour, remember that Paris is known as the fashion capital. It also offers a variety of hotels that can be suited to any budget from hotels with moderate rates to five-star hotels full of luxuries. Paris is considered the city which receive the biggest quantity of tourist from every corner of the world, approximately 42 million visitors per year. In addition to offering a wide variety of events, parties and festivals that will make your trip unforgettable. There is no doubt that if you visit Paris for the first time you will fall in love with its elegant streets, avenues, its food, culture and historical sites. A cruise tour on the River Seine, will let you know why Paris is called the city of light and detail its most incredible monuments and buildings.

Considering everything that Paris can offer, the most probably thing is that you are already preparing the details to visit the city, so it is important that you know how options you will have to move around the city, there are various ways of transportation such as train and bus service, taxi and rental services vehicular. One of the most used for comfort and safety are the services of taxis, because if we don´t know the city is better to move with experienced drivers who can take the best routes and avoiding the heavy traffic that way you will enjoy the wonders of this city. Taxis in Paris ( geoallo taxi ) are not identified with a specific color, as is perhaps the custom in other countries, these are conventional vehicles, whose way of being identified through a light sign with the phrase Taxi Parisien located at the top of the vehicle, which below it also has three colored lights with the letters A, B, C which are the parameters used for the rates, at the moment the unit is available for a service, the poster sign lights up. There are more than 490 existing stops in which we can take the service where the costs will be associated with the destination point also depending if is during the night or day, and time the service is made, as well as the number of people in the unit, The rates are regulated according to these parameters, so the vehicles used for the taxi service have a taxi meter that indicates the cost per kilometer traveled. Taking this as a reference, it is established that the minimum cost per trip will be 5 euros, when aboard the unit, it must be verified that the vehicle has GPS so as not to have problems with the costs, because when some drivers noted that we are not familiar with the route, they can take advantage of this, and use the longest route to increase the rate.

The Parisian taxis transit during 24 hours a day, the seven days a week, according to the estimation currently are around of 18,000 taxis circulating among the large number of taxi companies that offers this kind of service. Those that are duly registered are you can easily identify because they carry the sign poster, with the colored lights with the letters A, B, C and the taximeter, in addition to having on the right front side of the car a license plate that indicate the driver’s license number. If you take a taxi and these items are not in the vehicle, it means that the vehicle is not registered to do that kind of service and the driver is not authorized to do so.

The most well-known taxi companies in Paris are: Taxis 75, Taxis G7, Les Taxis Bleus and/or City Cab Paris, which can be accessed both at the established stops or through telephone reservations where the call center operator receive the information necessary to provide the service for you, based on the pick-up point, and the destination site in order to establish the travel route and time, the number of people who are going to use the service, if you have luggage, and if there is a special condition such as the transportation of children under three years of age and that way will establish the total cost of the trip. With this information the customer service staff will coordinate the trip, assigning a unit and indicating to the driver all the details provided. You can also reserve the services of these companies through digital platforms, which also provides the route of transfer, the date, time, and the kind of vehicle you require, in addition to registering the rate of transportation, and the data of the driver, by last you can make the corresponding payment.

The biggest and oldest company in the country is Taxis G7, which right now has a fleet of drivers around 9,000 only in Paris, equally distributed for all the city working the 24 hours of day during the entire year. The reservation could be made with at least 30 minutes in advance in order to guarantee an available taxi for the customer according her/his needs. This company also offers a membership for their most faithful clients in order to provide them priority in the services. By other hand the company Les Taxis Blues is another one that is very recommended on the web, the users said that the drivers are responsible and the call center attention is very detailed and the operator is willing to help the user in the search of the best service available, right now this company has registered more than 3.000 taxi drivers that are constantly moving around the city willing to help both the native people and tourist.

All these taxi companies are ruled by the standards established by the France´s government, the companies must be pay taxes and provide a quality service to the client, the drivers has benefits as social security and vacations that the taxi companies should present the report to the government of the entire fleet of drivers as well the personal data. At the moment of transportation services the driver must guarantee and comply the traffic´s regulations, the driver are obligated to use the safety belt and they must request to the passenger the use of the safety belt in the back seat as well as let them know to the client that is not allowed smoking inside the vehicle. The taxi driver should take a passenger in the identified stops, otherwise, they can be penalized by the traffic officers.

The best way to know the quality of these services is through the opinions of the users, because that way you will have at first-hand information on how the taxi service works. For the Taxis 75 Company that has professional drivers and offers transfer services in all areas of Paris including Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais-Tillé airports, to make a reservation you must enter to their digital platform. Personal data and additionalinformation must be provided such as date, time, number of people, address where the pick-up are located and the destination place, another way to make a reservation is by calling to the central telephone exchange. According to the experiences of its clients, the service is classified as excellent, due to the punctuality and friendly treatment of the driver, as well as easy handling of reservations through the digital platform and timely attention. A Spanish tourist accompanied by his wife who requested the service from Orly airport said that his driver Paul, affiliated with this taxi company was very kind and considering, taking them from the airport to the hotel where they had reservations, “the taxi driver arrived punctually and helped us with the luggage, in addition the driver give us some advices about which places we should know in Paris, was an efficient and friendly service without a doubt I will hire this service again”.

City cab Paris, is a line of services that offers you the opportunity of reserve a private vehicle with a driver for any kind of transportation in the city of Paris, the best and unique way to identify the taxi driver when he arrives is with a sign with the name of the passenger who has contracted the service This will also assist you with luggage and ensure the safety of passengers at all times, making a relaxing trip on the route. With this service you will enjoy a private service to meet Paris with an executive driver and in a luxury vehicle, for more information you can access to their digital platform or by phone. Recently Paris suffered a big taxi protest with the inclusion of taxi Uber, due the freedom that this application provide to the drivers, such as pick up a passenger in an unauthorized taxi stop, and avoiding taxes. That is why that the registered taxi drivers protested against this application until the France´s government provide the solution for both the taxis companies and the Uber drivers. All the protests started because the Uber drivers earned more incomes that the registered taxis that followed the rules, while Uber were making services without any kind of control, and due the fact that Uber were easier to contact than other taxis the tourist preferred this services, affecting the incomes of the legal taxi companies.

According the estimation only in Paris are more than 20.000 taxis drivers registered in different companies against of 14.000 Uber driver, now you should be thinking, if there are a lot of taxis services available, it should be easy to find a taxi in any part of the city at any time, but we had to disappoint you, because despite this big numbers of taxis the problem to find a free taxis is almost near to “mission impossible”, in the most of the cases the only way to find a taxi is through reservation by phone or website. That is without consider the hour in what you need the services because if you need it in the night the best advice that we can give you could be that you reserve the taxi with at least one hour in advance that way you will have enough time to confirm with any company available, remember that traffic is a fundamental factor in the worst case the available driver could be at 30 minutes from the pick-up point, which will create a long wait. If you call Uber you must check the driver opinion because in a few cases the new driver are not as good with the routes, which could make that you get stuck in the middle of the traffic. Among the big quantities of taxis available in France you should take the precaution and confirm with the call center operator fundamental information such as the name of the driver, model of the car and the estimated time of arrival.

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